“This diary is my kief, hashish and opium pipe. This is my drug and my vice.”
— Anaïs Nin

Welcome to the “twisted” world of Olivia.  A voyeur’s playground.  A diary that provides a secret garden view into my fantasies, real life experiences and observations.

The mind never rests.   It is in a constant state of arousal.  The neurons from different parts of the brain working in tandem with the neural networks of those around us.  A truly social network.  The brain is the most powerful tool we have for seduction in all arenas of life, both personal and business.

I share myself with you in the most authentic and open way that will hopefully leave you hungry for more….

And now…for your intellectual arousal…

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. How do i go bout to be a submissive and find a master and do u have to live with ur master and can a master that already has a slave have a submissive too

  2. LOVE THIS!! Can’t wait to keep reading more. Because I love your blog:

    I nominate you for the Liebster Award


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