A Brief Examination – What The “Man Bag” You Carry Says About You

As we become more reliant on technology, I fear that the timeless wardrobe accessories will be a thing of the past.  What’s next, smart cufflinks?

Let’s take a moment to look at the evolution of the briefcase.

The classic attache – 100% Bovine leather. Accept no substitute.   British tan. Black.   You don’t see these in great circulation unless you are a professional who appreciates the simplicity, form and function that the Don Draper’s of the world couldn’t live without. Some would say you are a bit OCD and/or old-fashioned with your need for everything compartmentalized.  However, organization is like a classic Hermes tie, it never goes out of style.

 Who carries it:   You like your alcohol without egg whites and Elderberry and your shirts with extra starch and a side of monogram.  The idea of a cross-body man bag or anything made of synthetic materials just says ” amateur: and you my dear, are the gentleman’s gentleman. Though you are too practical to go bespoke, you are wise to now that off the rack isn’t going to make or break your career. You relax with a well-reviewed novel from the NYT and the only way you take your coffee is black.  You also find the voice of the commentator’s for  PGA tournaments, to be actually, quite soothing.

-The modern attache – You don’t have to be a member of your dad’s generation to appreciate classic style and at the same time you appreciate the facelift that a little  modernity contributes. The boxy style is now rounded and a strap is added for comfort.    You know quality and will accept nothing less than artisanal bovine leather.  Yes, to the monogramming too.  Legacy matters and it shows the world you know who you are.  Say hello to the envelope flat  antiqued brass hardware remains only less “inspector gadget-y” and  more of a simple front lock.  Of course, the serial number on the inside connect to an app that insures you can always locate your bag.  Let’s not forget a USB outlet to charge all of your devices.

Who wears it:  Regardless of your age, you are a forward-thinker with an appreciation for what is classic.  Your smart watch has a leather band.   A tie may be too formal for you but you  appreciate cufflinks and Italian broadcloth and you never leave home without a blazer.  You invest in your clothes, or at least the essential wardrobe pieces.  You are an equal opportunity imbiber, it all depends on the setting.  However, you do appreciate the good stuff and perhaps, even collect wine. Sailing, skiing – the beach or the mountains is how you find your center. You shake your head at those wear that red string around their wrist.

The cross-body messenger- Easy to care for.  Easy to carry.  You are a man on a mission.  All the practicality, non of the prep/ivy-league school flash. Hold that f***n monogram.   Life is not all about work after all.  The material matters and you go for something fair-trade, eco-friendly, non-GMO, “safe for your unborn child to eat” kind of material.  The devil is in the details here:  the inside has enough padding to safely hold your electronics as if they were a Faberge egg.  A secret pocket holds your wallet too and there might even be speakers that allow you to blue tooth your music directly into your designer speakers.

Who wears it- Lawyer?  C-suite executive?  Creative? You keep people guessing. Living boldly, you aren’t afraid of colors outside of navy, grey, brown and black. You are a runner, not a jogger and your sense of adventure means you always keep pushing yourself.  This sense of adventure extends to all aspects of life fashion, the late craft cocktail bar (who call is mixology anymore???) and the IoT.  A smart home isn’t jut smart its genius and eco-friendly. Convention is for those that still believe kids should learn cursive handwriting in school.

Buying Guide:  I love this site for the modern man of any age.