The Kinky Courtesan Recommends – Seersucker

Every man must have seersucker in their wardrobe.   Don’t worry, people will not mistake you for a cricket player or a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby. If they do, well, frankly, you shouldn’t give a damn.

Yesterday, Thursday, June 11 was National Seersucker Day.  Its nice to see our government get something right as the U.S. Senate, in a rare bi-partisan effort, decided to jovialize their positions by relaxing a bit out of their austere and dark custom suits.  We have Senator.sTrent Lott and Diane Feinstein for leading the way.

This stylish fabric connotes confidence in a man, someone not afraid to stand out in the hotter months amidst a sea of boring khaki and the trendy pink, hipster pants. A seersucker suit shows that you appreciate what is classic.  It shows you see style in the simplicity in pure cotton fabric.

What are you waiting for?  Show me your seersucker.

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